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Japanese movie poster

Directed by
Hiroshi Takahashi

Produced by
Takashige Ichise

Screenplay by
Hiroshi Takahashi

Mina Fujii
Yuri Nakamura
Nagisa Katahira

Music by
Hiroyuki Nakashima

Akiko Ashizawa

Edited by
Yoshifumi Fukazawa

Distributed by
Tokyo Theatres, Lions Gate Entertainment

Release date

July 10, 2010 (2010-07-10)

Running time

94 minutes



Kyōfu (恐怖?) A.K.A. The Sylvian Experiments is a 2010 Japanese horror film, directed by Hiroshi Takahashi who is known as a screenwriter of Ring. It was released on 10 July 2010.[1][2]


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Two neurosurgeons, Etsuko Ōta and her husband, Yukio, watch a 16mm documentary film of a secret experiment with Japanese, Manchu, and Russian subjects concerning the electrification of the temporal lobe of the brain, ending with the subjects projecting a blinding white light. Their children, Miyuki and Kaori, watch the film as well. Years later, a group consisting of Miyuki, Kazushi, Takumi and Rieko, conduct a mass suicide assisted by Etsuko’s assistant, Hattori, though it is actually a masquerade for their initiation to a similar neurosurgery experiment conducted by Etsuko. Miyuki wakes up inside a facility to another of Etsuko’s assistants, Hisae, who insists that she has died and is currently astral projecting, even presenting her with her corpse as proof. Miyuki and Rieko are later found to have escaped the facility unnoticed.
After having lost contact with her sister for six months, Kaori visits the hospital where Miyuki once worked and meets with Miyuki’s fellow worker and lover, Motojima, who introduces her to Detective Hirasawa. Miyuki’s laptop contains a suicide website that Miyuki might have used. Hirasawa questions a witness who saw a figure inside Miyuki’s apartment after her disappearance. Kaori realizes that she has dreamed of being in Miyuki’s apartment and seeing a white light nearby. Miyuki visits Kaori in a dream that night to tell her to stop looking for her and that she is “no longer her sister”. Kaori is