API Calculus is a program that solves calculus problems using operating systems within a device that solves calculus problems. In 1989 the PI- Calculus was created by Robin Milner and was very successful throughout the years. The PI Calculus is an extension of the extension of the process algebra CCS, a tool that has algebraic languages that are specific to processing and formulating statements.[1] The PI Calculus provides a formal theory for modeling systems and reasoning about their behaviors.[2] In the PI Calculus there are two specific variables such as name and processes.[2] But it was not until 2002 when Shahram Rahimi decided to create an upgraded version of the PI- Calculus and call it the API Calculus. Milner claimed the detailed characteristics of the API Calculus to be its’ “Communication Ability, Capacity for Cooperation, Capacity for Reasoning and Learning, Adaptive Behavior and Trustworthiness.”[3] The main purpose of creating this mobile advancement is to better network and communicate with other operators while completing a task. Unfortunately, the API Calculus is not perfect and has faced a problem with its security system. The language has seven features that was created within the device that the PI Calculus does not have. Since this program is so advanced by the way the software was created and the different abilities that are offered in the program, it is required to be converted to other programming languages so it can be used on various devices and other computing languages. Although the API Calculus is currently being used by various other programming languages, modifications are still being done since the security on the API Calculus is causing problems to users.


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What Does It Do?[edit]
The API Calculus is the main demonstration for modeling migration, intelligence, natural grouping and security in agent-based systems.[4] This calculus programming language is usually used in various other program languages such as Java.[5] In Java, a famous programming language used by various corporations such as IBM, TCS, and Google, the API Calculus is commonly used to solve equations and programs involving calculus.
The API Calculus has a wide variety of features those similar to the PI Calculus but has new and improved features such as:

accepts processes to be passed over communication links
natural grouping of mobile processes i